1. 24/7



24 hours a day, 7 days a week; all the time; a store/shop that is open all the time.



-We’re open for business 24/7.

-The convenience store across the street is open 24/7.

-My brother’s friends are over 24/7.

2. Ahead of the game



In a position of advantage; having an advantage in a competitive situation; having done more than necessary.



-Without your help, it would be hard for me to stay ahead of the game.

-If you think cheating lets you stay ahead of the game, you’re wrong.

-With all the social media marketing, how does your business stay ahead of the game?

3. A long shot



An attempt or effort that is not likely to be successful; a venture that offers a great reward if successful but has very little chance of success; remote possibility.



-It’s a long shot, but I think investing in this start-up will help us reach the small markets.

-The horse was a long shot, but we just knew he would double our money!

-It’s a long shot, but maybe you could reach him at home?




As soon as possible; without delay; promptly; immediately; fast; now; soon.



-Mr. Jameson, we need you in the office ASAP.

-We need these documents sent to Corporate Financial downtown, ASAP.

-There’s been an emergency and we need you to come to the hospital ASAP.

5. Back to square one



To start working on a plan from the beginning; back to the beginning; return to the beginning.



-If the deal is rejected, we’ll have to start back at square one.

-Let’s plan our project so we don’t have to start back at square one again.

-I used to speak Spanish well during school but forgot so much of it. I’ll have to start back at square one with the basics.

 6. Ball Rolling



To get a process started; to begin something.



-If my boss didn’t attend the office party, I’m sure I could get the ball rolling.

-Jenny kept the ball rolling by being friendly and talking to each of her guests.

-I think our company needs to do some community work to get the ball rolling.

7. Burn rate


A measure of negative cash flow; cash spent per month; when some % of loans fail to prepay after an interest rate cycle.



-This year, our goal is to determine what the burn rate is for Canadians in their 30’s.

-Do you think you’re an over-spender? Let me help you calculate your burn rate.

-With all my investments and decreasing company capital I want to know where our current burn rate stands.

8. Call it a day



To stop doing something; quit work and go home; to say that a day’s work has been completed; stop a particular activity for the rest of the day.



-I’ve had a really rough day and I’m ready to call it a day.

-Gina called it a day after lunch and went home to rest.

-After playing tennis for 20 years, I’ve decided to call it a day.

9. Cut corners



To take shortcuts; to save money or effort by finding cheaper or easier ways to do something; to do something easily; act illegally.



-Big corporations always find a way to cut corners.

-I believe in the quality of my products and refuse to cut corners just to save money.

-We had difficulties raising money for our startup so we had to cut corners to make ends meet.

10. Cut to the chase



To get to the matter at hand; to focus on what is important; deal with the major points.



-I’d really like to move past the preliminaries of this meeting and cut to the chase.

-After a few drinks, I cut to the chase and asked my boss if I was being laid off next quarter.

-Let’s cut to the chase. There is no excuse for racism or discrimination, especially in this company.

11. Drop the ball



To make an error; miss an opportunity; fail in some way; to allow something to fail.



-As project manager, I really dropped the ball on this deal and I feel terrible.

-Everything was going was going so well until I dropped the ball with the campaign.

-I can’t trust David to do the job, he’s dropped the ball on too many occasions.

12. Fall through the cracks



To pass unnoticed, neglected, or unchecked; to be lost or be forgotten.



-I’ve been swamped with documents and deadlines that your letter must have fallen through the cracks.

-This deal, among many, fell through the cracks.

-Important information given to the attorney must have fallen through the cracks.

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