13. Game plan



A plan for achieving success, especially in business or politics; a carefully thought-out strategy or course of action.



-Henry, I’d like to hear the game plan for the new products campaign on Tuesday.

-Our design team needs a game plan for developing this new app.

-Let’s stick to the game plan.

14. Give or take



Approximately; plus or minus some amount of time; possibly a little more or less than the given amount of time.



-The project will take me 3 weeks to complete, give or take a day or two.

-The office is about 2km away, give or take a few meters.

-The CEO will be arriving at the airport around 4pm, give or take 30 minutes due to customs.

15. Hand in hand



In close association; exist together; connected to each other; to be present together.



-Environmental and economic growth go hand in hand.

-For many start-ups, sustainability and innovation often go hand in hand.

-Marketing and social media go hand in hand at successful companies.

16. In the black



Not in debt; profitable; in a financially profitable condition.



-I hope you know that I’ve worked extremely hard in moving this company into the black.

-Now that we’re in the black, let’s broaden our goals into marketing and product management.

-When making an investment, it’s wise to go with a company in the black.

17. Know the ropes



To learn the basics of something; have knowledge of; be informed about the details of a situation or task.



-Jeff knew the ropes when it cam to dealing with the company’s financial data.

-The CEO performed his duties well because he knew the ropes from his previous position.

-If you’ve been here for a few months, you should know the ropes by now.

18. Land on your feet



To do well; to succeed; to be lucky or successful after you have been in a difficult situation.



-After the economic crisis, many companies were able to land on their feet.

-It’s difficult to find a job these days, but I’m sure you’ll land on your feet.

-Regardless of our failures, we’ve been able to land on our feet.

19. Multitask



To work at several different tasks simultaneously; engaging in more than one activity at the same time.



-I can’t imagine managing all my calls, emails, meetings, and deadlines without multitasking.

-Tell me about the time you had to multitask to get a job done.

-As project manager, I am constantly being called on to multitask.


20. On the same page



Think in a similar way; have the same understanding or amount of knowledge.



-Before we continue, I’d like to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

-I work really well with James because we’re on the same page.

-Before we make any important decisions, I’d like to know if we’re all on the same page.

21. On the right track



Doing something correctly or well; to do something in a way that will bring good results; following a correct path or correct assumption.



-Having our most respected employees sign an early retirement package will not put this company on the right track.

-Jeremy, that’s a great idea! You’re definitely on the right track.

-Our successful marketing goals tells us that we’re on the right track.

22. Small talk



Light conversation for social occasions; chitchat; casual conversation; informal conversation.



-Everyone at the party was engaging in small talk.

Small talk can be uncomfortable with strangers.

-After 30 minutes of small talk, I was ready to go home.

23. Trade-off



Exchange one thing for another; to get rid of something in an exchange; giving up one thing in return for another.



-The meeting consisted of trade-offs between the two companies, each to their advantage.

-It’s a trade-off between a week long vacation from work or completing the project that could earn him a bonus.

-Let’s see where we can allocate our finances by making some trade-offs.

24. Win-win situation



Being in a situation in which the outcome benefits each of the two opposing groups.



-I am certain that this deal is a win-win situation for the buyer and seller.

-The government claims it’s a win-win situation for small businesses and creating jobs in a declining economy.

-The merge between the two companies was a win-win situation.

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