• A New York minute means that something happens almost instantly, based on the idea that everything happens more quickly in New York City.
  • A very small amount of time.
  • Fast-paced; a moment.

1. I would sell my Harley in a New York minute if a worthy customer showed up.


2. If Karen could see her family right now, she’d fly home in a New York minute.


3. If I were a billionaire, I’d invest in housing in a New York minute.


4. I’d marry Elizabeth in a New York minute, if I could.

at short notice, directly, in a flash, in a jiffy, in nothing flat, instantaneously, instantly, like now, now, now or never, on the dot, on the double, on the spot, promptly, pronto, rapidly, right now, shortly, soon, soon afterward, straight away, this instant, this minute, unhesitatingly, urgently, without delay, without hesitation

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