• A party pooper is someone who spoils other people’s enjoyment of social activities by being unhappy or by refusing to become involved.
  • A person who throws gloom over social enjoyment.
  • A person who ruins a party by stopping the fun or not participating in a certain activity.

1. Stop being a party pooper and come dance with us! This is a great song!


2. Sarah is too depressed to leave the house and if she does, she’ll just be a party pooper.


3. Uh, I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I think the cops are at the door.


4. Everyone was so excited to play charades until one of the guests refused to participate. I can’t stand party poopers!

complainer, dampener, drip, fuddy-duddy, grinch, grouch, killjoy, malcontent, moaner, pessimist, sissy, softy, sourpuss, spoilsport, stick-in-the-mud, wet blanket, whiner, wuss

How about this expression?

A party animal

  • A party animal is someone who loves parties.
  • A very gregarious and outgoing person who enjoys parties and similar social activities.
  • Someone who enjoys drinking a lot of alcohol and behaving in a loud and wild way.

1. My parents love hosting parties. Especially my dad, he’s a party animal.


2. My friends and I love relaxing and lounging out on the beach. But we’re party animals by night.


3. College students are absolute party animals on the weekends. It keeps campus security on their toes.


4. My friend is the opposite of a party animal. She like small groups and quiet evenings.

celebration, celebrator, cool, drunk, festive occasion, funster, gregarious person, kidder, life of the party, merrymaker, noisemaker, outgoing, partier, party goer, reveller, roisterer, social gathering, spree, wild, wing-ding

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