• When someone tells a white lie it refers to a minor or unimportant lie, especially in the interests of tact or politeness.

  • A deliberate, untrue statement that does no harm and is done to produce a favourable result.

  • A diplomatic or well-intentioned untruth.

1. When a telemarketer calls you, don’t feel guilty about telling a white lie to get off the phone.


2. I have to confess, going on a business trip was a white lie.


3. I think she was telling a white lie when she said someone blew up her car.


4. It’s hard to have a relationship with someone who always tell white lies.

exaggeration, half-truth, harmless truth, little white lie, mental dishonesty, near truth, partial truth, slight stretch, well-intentioned untruth, suggestio falsi, trivial untruth, untruth

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