• All talk means that someone talks often about doing something, but never actually does it.
  • Speaking, promising, or boasting much, but doing little.
  • Much discussion but no action or results.

1. Henry says he’ll support my charity, but he’s all talk.


2. Diana said she’d help out with the store but she’s all talk.


3. I thought you were going to find a job before the baby comes. Was it just all talk?


4. Don’t believe anything Matt says, he’s all talk.

advertise, aggrandize, amplify, attract attention, blow, blow one’s own horn, bluster, boast, brag, con, crow, emphasize, exaggerate, exult, fabricate, falsify, fake, flatter oneself, flaunt, fudge, gloat, heighten, magnify, misrepresent, overdo, overemphasize, strut, swagger

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