• All thumbs refers to someone who is physically awkward; clumsy.

  • Lacking physical coordination, skill, or grace.

  • Awkward in handling things; uncoordinated.

1. I wish I could play the piano but I’m all thumbs.

2. Gary tried knitting me a scarf but he’s all thumbs, it looked nothing like a scarf.

3. A: How are your drawing classes going?

B: Not so good, I’m all thumbs!

4. My cousin Kathy is all thumbs, she always knocks over a vase or breaks a plate at my grandmother’s house.


bungling, butterfingered, clownish, elephantine, graceless, helpless, incompetent, inelegant, inept, klutzy, maladroit, oafish, stumbling, two left feet, unable, uncoordinated, un-dexterous, unhandy, unskillful, untactful, untalented

You can say that again

You can say that again is said when something is true; correct. Something that you say to show you completely agree with something that someone has just said. To express emphatic agreement. 1. A: What a beautiful day with all the flowers in bloom B: You can say that...

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