• A situation wherein one can enjoy two different opportunities is called having the best of both worlds.
  • Having the advantages of two different things at the same time.
  • The most enjoyable or attractive features of two different things.

1. We vacation in Europe during the winters and stay in the city for the cool summers. Our family gets to enjoy the best of both worlds.


2. You get the best of both worlds when eating healthy without sacrificing taste.


3. My children have dual citizenship so they get the best of both worlds from these countries.


4. As a grad student, Molly has the best of both worlds of being a student and assistant professor.

advantage, aid, asset, assistance, benefit, blessing, extras, gain, good, help, interest, perk, profit, prosperity, use, welfare, worth

How about this expression?

Best-case scenario

  • A best-case scenario is based on a projection of future events that assumes only the best possible circumstances.
  • The optimum outcome being considered.
  • Being the best result that could be expected under the circumstances.

1. Our firm is advising you that settling on a plea bargain is the best-case scenario for you, Mr. Barton.


2. The best-case scenario would be for my parents to move to the city to help us take care of the kids.


3. The best-case scenario for your son would be to apologize to the boy he got into a fight with and continue detention for the next 3 months.


4. The best-case scenario would be to get this job, save as much as I can, and start my business fresh with no debt.

brief, fitting, greatest, highest, ideal, master plan, matchless, maximum, most advantageous, most favorable, optimal, outline, peak, perfect, plot, quintessential, recap, rundown, scheme, sides, synopsis

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