What is Blended Learning?


Blended learning is a mix of face to face and online learning. Today, traditional methods of delivery are undergoing transformation with blended learning models. Here are the 6 models:

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The great thing about blended learning models is that there isn’t just ONE way to do it. Better yet, we’re adapting resources to meet the needs of learners in this day and age. Schools and educators can decide on the proportion of content learned online. Therefore, it’s flexible and isn’t a one-size-fits-all system.

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The use of computers/educational devices are tools to help with learning. They do not replace teachers or give schools a budget break. Schools, if you’re thinking about saving the school budget for these reasons, you’re doing it all wrong!  Although it’s the students that are immersed in technology, teachers must be proficient in these programs so they can support and guide them. It gives freedom for everyone in the classroom because the teacher gets immediate feedback and is able to focus on individual students. Students may go at their own pace and can access the lessons at home while submitting their assignments. This kind of environment creates independent learners but keep in mind that the models are only as effective as much as the student commits to them. Blended learning gives a chance for educators to bring value to education and for students to become life-long learners.




“Education is what people do to you, and learning is what you do to yourself.”
-Joi Ito-

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