• By accident is used to describe an unexpected and undesirable event, especially one resulting in damage or harm.
  • An unforeseen event that is not the result of intention or has no apparent cause.
  • Lack if intention or chance.

1. I’ve been avoiding Anthony all week and just my luck, I ran into him by accident at the grocery store.


2. It was so embarrassing when I tripped by accident during our date.


3. Lilly fell and sprained her ankle. It happened by accident while we were playing.


4. I got 90% on my English exam! And some of the answers I got by accident.

aback, abruptly, accidentally, by mistake, by surprise, carelessly, ignorantly, inadvertently, mistakenly, off guard, sudden, surprisingly, unaware, unexpectedly, unintentionally, unknowingly, unprepared, unready

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