• Since Christmas comes but once a year, we should treat it as a special time by being good to others or by indulging children.
  • Being generous, compassionate, and good to others in need.
  • Being kind and giving to others, especially children.

1. Christmas comes but once a year, so we’re supporting children in need of families this year.


2. A: Wow! What’s with all the shoe boxes around the house?

B: We’re filling shoeboxes with gifts and goodies for Operation Christmas Child. Christmas comes but once a year, come join us!


3. Let’s raise our glasses and celebrate for Christmas comes but once a year, so let’s drink, be merry and enjoy the festive season.


4. The kids have been so good this year, and since Christmas comes but once a year, I thought I’d take our family on a beautiful cruise for the holidays!

abundant, bountiful, charitable, compasisonate, considerate, full, galore, generous, giving, good, gracious, greathearted, kind, kindhearted, kindly, lavish, luxuriant, noble, overflowing, plentious, thoughtful, unselfish, warm, warmhearted, willing

How about this expression?

Cancel someone’s Christmas

  • To cancel someone’s Christmas means to kill someone; to destroy someone.

1. Richard threatened to cancel Max’s Christmas if he didn’t pay back his loan.


2. Stop bothering me you creep! Do you want me to cancel your Christmas?


3. You’d better not tell the cops about the drug deal or we’re gonna cancel your Christmas.


4. If you don’t go through with the assassination, expect us to cancel your families next Christmas.

abuse, augur, blackmail, bluster, browbeat, bully, caution, enforce, forewarn, growl, intimidate, make threat, menace, pressure, pressurize, scare, scowl, shake fist at, snarl, spook, terrorize, torment, walk heavy, warn

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