• If you cry over spilled milk, you are unhappy about what cannot be undone.
  • To regret in vain what cannot be undone or rectified.
  • To dwell pointlessly on past misfortunes.

1. A: I can’t believe you spent your whole paycheque on these designer clothes.

B: Well, no use crying over spilled milk.


2. A: Take your hat off and let’s see your new haircut!

B: Well, I hate it but no point crying over spilled milk.


3. A: Oh no! The turkey is burning!! What will we eat for Thanksgiving now?

B: Gosh mom, you need to put a timer or alarm on that oven! No use crying over spilled milk.


4. I rushed home to watch my favourite crime show but totally missed it. Oh well, can’t cry over spilled milk.

be disturbed, be sorry for, beat one’s breast, bemoan, bewail, complain, cry over, deplore, feel remorse, feel sorry, feel uneasy, grieve for, kick oneself, lament, look back, mourn, mourn over, sing the blues, regret, rue, weep for

Try this expression!

A far cry from something

  • If something is very different from something else you can say that it is a far cry from something.
  • To be completely different from something.
  • Very different.

1. My friend just bought a new car and it is a far cry from my old and rusty car.


2. Joan’s new wedding ring is a far cry from my ring. In fact, I want to redesign mine.


3. The consumerism that is evolving in China is a far cry from anywhere around the world. They are going to shape the world’s economic future.


4. The latest trend in startups is a far cry from what you’ve seen in the past.

characteristic, cool, difference, disparity, distinction, distinguishing, divergence, error, excellent, extraordinary, inconsistency, individual, like night and day, miscalculation, offbeat, original, outstanding, peculiar, perfect, proper, separate, special, superior, typical, uncommon, unreal, wicked

Care to do something

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Common ground

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