• To do something with your eyes closed means to do something very easily.
  • To do something easily because you have done it many times.

1. I can change a flat tire with my eyes closed.


2. I’ve baked oatmeal cookies so many times, I could make them with my eyes closed.


3. I always bike from mom’s house to mine, I could do it with my eyes closed.


4. Writing this essay is a no brainer, I could do it with my eyes closed.

easily, effortlessly, going away, in a walk, with both eyes closed, with one hand tied behind one’s back

Try this expression!

Catch someone’s eye

  • To catch someone’s eye means to be noticed by someone.
  • To attract someone’s attention.
  • To be different enough to be noticed by someone.

1. Look at that window display, it really caught my eye.


2. The first time I saw her, she just caught my eye. It was love at first sight.


3. A puppy with sad eyes caught my eye.


4. Beautiful red coats of luxurious fabrics caught my eye during Paris fashion week.

absorbing, alluring, appealing, attractive, beautiful, can’t miss it, charismatic, charming, conspicuous, cute, delightful, desirable, electrifying, elegant, eye-catching, fascinating, flashy, glamorous, gorgeous, graceful, irresistible, likeable, lovable, lovely, obvious, prominent, ravishing, seductive, spectacular, striking, stunning, showy, sweet

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