5 Ways to Build Your Vocabulary


Photo Credit: www.kurzweilai.net

Photo Credit: www.kurzweilai.net


1. READ. Build vocabulary by being an active reader. Some words can be difficult to guess from context or its structure so underline, circle, star, highlight-it helps you recognise words or parts of sentences that need to be revisited. TIP: Read first then go back and be proactive in your quest to conquer unknown vocabulary. There’s nothing worse than being active but not understanding the overall meaning of what you’re reading. Try to read something you enjoy, it will make the process a lot easier!


Wise Old Sayings and Quotes



2. LISTEN. Listen to radio and tv programs, podcasts, the options are endless. If you take responsibility of your education, a little effort goes a long way. TIPAudio record your favourite tv show or if you’re taking English lessons, record a part of your session together. Keep listening! Surround yourself with the language that you’re trying to learn.



English Class 101

Fluent U

BBC Podcasts

Better at English

Business English Podcast



3. LEARN-A-WORD-A-DAY. There are many resources that help you expand your vocabulary online. Learning a word (or phrase) a day is a great way to build vocabulary. Try to visit these sites as a daily routine in your study schedule or when you need a break. And always remember to review new words that you learn! Use Quizlet as a way to practice and review new words.



Word Central


Macmillan Dictionary

BBC Learning English



4. DICTIONARY/THESAURUS. Have one or both handy. Using a dictionary or thesaurus regularly will help you when you really need it. They’re offered in print, software, and online so no excuses! Read the entire entry when you look up a word. A good dictionary will tell you more than the meaning including synonyms, antonyms, and collocations.



Oxford Dictionary

Collins Dictionary




Collins Thesaurus



5. GAMES. Play a word game like Scrabble to build vocabulary! There’s a wide selection of online vocabulary games including crosswords, word searches, unscrambling and matching. Why not have fun while you learn?


Give us your tips and advice on how to build vocabulary!

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