• To fight fire with fire means to use against your opponent the same methods they used against you.
  • To deal with someone in the same way that they are dealing with you.
  • Combat an evil or negative circumstances by reacting in kind.

1. My mom showed up at school to fight fire with fire with my teacher.


2. The gang showed up with guns to fight fire with fire.


3. Other countries are going to start fighting fire with fire if the U.S. doesn’t get their priorities straight.


4. The lawyer was prepared to fight fire with fire after he was blackmailed by the opposition.

even the score, get back at, get even, get square, hit back, pay back, punish, reciprocate, recompense, repay, retaliate, revenge, settle the score, stick it to, take an eye for an eye, take retribution, take satisfaction, take vengeance, turn the tables on, vindicate

Try this expression!

Between two fires

  • To be between two fires means to be under physical or verbal attack from two or more sides simultaneously.
  • Between two attacks; shot at, criticized
  • Being attacked from two sources or sides at the same time.

1. The president is between two fires because of the latest terror attacks.


2. I found myself caught between two fires when my girlfriend realized I was cheating on her.


3. When my family gathered for the intervention, I could see that my father felt like he was caught between two fires.


4. Working on Wall Street makes me feel like my whole life is between two fires.

between a rock and a hard place, between the hammer and the anvil, catch-22, cornered, Hobson’s choice, in a dilemma, in a pickle, in a predicament, in the middle, no choice, sitting on a powder keg

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