• First come, first served is something you say which means that the first people to arrive will be able to get the best choices.
  • To receive something or be dealt with in the order in which they ask or arrive.
  • Those who are the first to arrive are the first to be waited on.

1. I love this restaurant but with the first come, first served rule it’s hard to get a good table.


2. A lot of my university classes are available on a first come, first served basis.


3. I wish this bakery didn’t sell their bread on a first come, first served basis because my favourite loaves are gone before lunch time!


4. My favourite beauty retailer is giving out free makeup samples but it’s first come, first served!

file, form a line, line, line up, order, progression, rank, row, series, string, succession, tail tier, train, queue, wait in line

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