apprendre le vocabulaire anglais avec des chansons 10

Learn French vocabulary fast! Try these educational videos for free and see how much French you can learn. Each song consists of 100 words. A total of 40 videos uploaded weekly. Explore different levels to build your vocabulary. Learn French to English or English to French. It’s as easy as pie!



Download PDF file: WORDPIE_EF_10.pdf

WORDPIE was created as an innovative solution to language learning.

Time to learn a new language. One of the first things is to memorise vocabulary. Hours of writing, reciting, and memorisation over and over again. Sound familiar? No one has time to sit and memorise from paper anymore. We developed a simple and fun way to learn words using music. Listen to catchy tunes and expand your vocabulary effortlessly!

It’s free and accessible on-the-go. We offer free videos, pdf files, and a blog that features ideas and challenges in education today.

We want to help!

Hey, we’ve been there. We understand the challenges of learning a new language and that is why  WORDPIE was created as a solution to those challenges. Trust us and give us a try!

Supported languages include English, Spanish, French, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.

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