• Get over it means to move on; accept things the way they are.

  • Don’t concern yourself with something that’s already in the past.

  • To feel better after something or someone has made you unhappy or upset.

1. Man, I can’t believe my lines aren’t working on the ladies! Get over it!


2. Stop borrowing my clothes without asking me Jessie! Oh get over it!


3. I’ve been sick for such a long time, I’m ready to get over it.


4. Becky, it’s time to get over it. You can’t keep crying about losing your job.

bounce back, come round, get better, get over, improve, mend, pull through, overcome, recover, recuperate, shake off, survive

Do more harm than good

To do more harm than good means to have a bad effect rather than a good one. To make a situation worse rather than better. To be damaging rather than helpful. 1. I'm sorry but saying anything at this point may do more harm than good. 2. Her boyfriend is doing more...

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Do the unthinkable

To do the unthinkable means to do something unexpected. Impossible to imagine; inconceivable. Unreasonable; improbable; not to be considered; out of the question. 1. This store is doing the unthinkable and making their products more affordable. 2. Skateboarding isn't...

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Drop something like a hot potato

To drop someone/something like a hot potato means to disassociate oneself with someone or something instantly. To discontinue; to get rid of very quickly. To quickly stop being involved with someone/something. 1. I dropped the idea like a hot potato because my boss...

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