• In a nutshell is something you say when you are describing something using as few words as possible.
  • To briefly discuss/explain something.
  • In short; in summary; in brief; concisely.
  • The short version of a longer story.

1. Just tell me the story in a nutshell.


2. Our trip to Europe is being delayed with work and family issues, in a nutshell, we may have to cancel.


3. I listen to jazz music for lots of reasons, but in a nutshell it makes me feel happy and light.


4. “I was late for work, fell down the stairs, and spilled coffee on my shirt. In a nutshell, I had a horrible day.”

arbitrary, boiled down, brief, compact, compacted, concise, concisely, condensed, cursory, hasty, in brief, in short, recapped, run-down, run-through, short, short and sweet, shortly, succinct, summarily, terse, to sum things up, to the point

Do more harm than good

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