• To say the same thing over and over again is to be like a broken record.
  • Someone who keeps repeating themselves over and over again to the great annoyance of others.
  • Something or someone that annoyingly repeats itself.

1. To be honest, you sound like a broken record. You tell me the same thing ten times a day.


2. The sound of the faucet dripping water was like a broken record.


3. As a mom, I feel like a broken record telling my kids to stop doing the same things multiple times a day.


4. My English teacher sounds like a broken record, constantly fixing my vocabulary!

iteration, litany, recurrence, reiteration, repeat, repetition, repetitiousness, restatement

How about this expression?

For the record

  • If something is said for the record, it is said so that the facts will be known; for open, public knowledge.
  • When true facts are recorded or known.
  • To make oneself clear but does not necessarily agree with or support what is said.

1. For the record, our campaign has never endorsed the recent allegations to the opposing party.


2. A: Could you comment on the incriminating evidence found against the murderer?

B: I’m unable to comment at this time and for the record the suspect is in custody but hasn’t been charged with murder so please refrain from labels. Thank you.


3. And for the record, you’d better get a good team of lawyers to represent you. Because we’re coming after your company and every cent you have.


4. The secretary advised the Congressman not to say anything for the record, just in case.

consult, examine, get opinion, give oral examination, hold inquiry, inquire, interrogate, interview, probe, pry, question, questioning, quiz, raise question, roast, sound out, talk, talk to

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