• If something makes your day it satisfies you or makes you happy

  • An action or behaviour that will result in happiness.

  • Someone doing something to make the day special.



1. Nina, I wanted to let you know that you got the job! Thank you, you just made my day!


2. The way you compliment me on how beautiful and smart I am always makes my day.


3. The boss told us to take the day off and I have to admit, it made my day.


4. The angry teacher screamed, “Just make my day!” at her students for being disobedient.


accost, affront, beard, brave, call one’s bluff, come up against, dare, defy, encounter, face down, face up to, face with, flout, front, go up against, meet, oppose, repel, resist, scorn, stand up to, withstand


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