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Our most recent update is a new look to our PHRASE OF THE DAY series. We decided that it needed a revamp because we wanted our learners to be able to access a more organised post and be able to easily access older posts.

We’ve included a walk-through of what you’ll find.

An idiom is an expression (a phrase or combination of words) that has a figurative and sometimes literal meaning. Idioms are not only useful but fun to use. Just by learning common idioms you could expand your vocabulary and start speaking comfortably faster than you think! However, proper comprehension of idioms is required and you can find the meanings of each idiom in this section.

Every idiom will be accompanied by unique example sentences found here. We decided to include names or hint at situations for easier comprehension. Feel free to substitute names with someone you’re familiar with or even your own name!

Synonyms are words that have the same or very similar meaning. Usually they are associated with vocabulary words but we found that some words and phrases had shared meanings. If you haven’t understood the idiom through meanings or examples, maybe the list of synonyms will help you understand a bit more.

Tip to try: Substitute one of the synonyms for the idiom phrase, do you understand the phrase better? Remember that not all synonyms will fit, be aware of context!

Yes! I’m the blogger for all of the Phrase of The Day posts. Everyday that I post these blogs, I ask myself, “If I were a language learner and I have no time to study, would these posts really help me?” Being a self-taught learner and also teaching all around the world, I take this blogging experience to heart. It’s like another medium to reach out and help others and I love that. I want the learner to enjoy learning and if they’re here visiting us it means they’re probably being proactive about the experience. One step at a time!



Our team at WORDPIE, we’re always thinking about our learners! We brainstorm and rack our brains together to see what services we can provide or what kind of content our learners need. Education isn’t just in the classrooms anymore. Learners have such a variety of platforms to choose from. So we want to deliver a solution to those who are open to learning in different ways. We focus on our content and design but our passion is for the learners to have fun in the process of learning.


Project Lead, PIESTUDIO

We always add another added bonus section so that you can learn another idiom while you visit our page, kind of like a 2 for 1 deal. It’s organised in the same manner so click away and enjoy!

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