• When something or someone is old school it means that they’re vintage; from an earlier time; retro.
  • Anything that is from an earlier era, earlier style, or form.
  • Based on a way of doing things that was common in the past.

1. Fashion is revisiting old school style such as the flare pant and retro winged sunglasses.


2. My brother still listens to old school rap and hip-hop music.


3. Whoa!! That computer is so old school! It’s huge and runs on MS-Dos 6!


4. A: Why do you use such old school vocabulary?

B: Get with the times and brush up your lingo!

back in the day, behind the times, classic, conservative, conventional, cool, customary, dated, ghetto, long-established, old, old fashioned, old line, popular, regular, retro, rooted, traditional, unprogressive, vintage

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