• When someone is out of shape it means they are not in top physical condition because of lack of exercise.
  • In bad physical condition; unfit; unhealthy.
  • Something that is bent, twisted, or deformed.

1. Julie and I went for a run today and I couldn’t keep up without losing my breath. I’m so out of shape.


2. The metal rod was bent and out of shape.


3. I’m definitely out of shape. My shirts are short and my jeans are too tight.


4. If you’re dealing with family, work, and a personal life, it’s easy to let your body get out of shape.

below par, can’t make the grade, debilitated, down, dragging, flimsy, frail, ill-equipped, inadequate, inappropriate, in ill health, in poor health, not fit, out of element, out of place, sloppy, toneless, unhealthy, unlikely, unwell, weak

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