• To be over the hill means that you are old and past one’s prime.
  • Too old for something.
  • You have reached the climax of your lifetime and beginning to decline.

1. A: I think I’m too old to date.

B: You’re only forty, definitely not over the hill yet!


2. I’m a little over the hill to be going to hip hop clubs at 2 in the morning.


3. My older sister thinks she’s over the hill but she’s only in her late thirties, what is she talking about?


4. My coworker¬†threw an “50 and over the hill” party last year after she came back from climbing Mount Everest, she’s my hero.

aged, along in years, ancient, broken down, elderly, exhausted, experienced, gray, mature, not young, old, olden, oldie, past one’s prime, seasoned, senior

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