• If you practice what you preach it means you yourself should do the things you advise other people to do.
  • Behave as you would have others behave.
  • Do what you say other people should do.

1. You always tell us to quiet down but I wish you would practice what you preach. I can hear your voice from the basement.


2. My professor always told us to be model students but I wish he’d practice what he preached. We always caught him sleeping while monitoring our exams.


3. I wish he’d practice what he preached, his wife confronted him about cheating on her and now they’re getting a divorce.


4. If you practice what you preach, I think your words would more of a positive affect on people.

bigot, charlatan, cheat, con artist, crook, deceiver, fake, faker, four-flusher, fraud, hypocrite, imposter, lip server, masquerader, pharisee, phony, poser, pretender, quack, swindler, trickster, two-face

Try this expression!

Out of practice

  • To be out of practice means to be impaired in skill by neglect.
  • Not currently proficient in a particular activity/skill due to not having exercised or performed it for some time.
  • Unskilled

1. I’m so out of practice, I haven’t touched the piano in years.


2. A: Grandma, I miss your baked apple pie!

B: Oh honey, I haven’t baked in so long I’m probably out of practice.


3. A: The team lost their winning streak because they were out of practice.

B: I think fame and media attention got to their heads.


4. I used to be very skilled as a graphic designer but I’ve lost touch from being out of practice.

deficient, impaired, inexperienced, neglected, not what it was, rusty, sluggish, soft, stale, unpracticed, unqualified, weak

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