Suli Breaks, a Spoken Word artist, delivers a charismatic and conscientious message about rethinking what is means to be educated. There is a misconception that education comes from attending a school. But in fact, learning happens far beyond the formalities of institutionalised education. One issue regards national testing. Unfortunately, tests do not reflect proficiency but students are compartmentalised based on these test results. A system that imposes a one-size-fits-all standard for students is another point in question. From classroom settings to learning one-on-one, direct instruction to independent study, various learning styles and different paces, the priority should be placed on keeping each student engaged. When we provide healthy and encouraging learning environments, students are given an opportunity to develop. Maybe Suli hasn’t got all the answers but he recognises a need for change. And change is possible once you are willing to question existing principles.

Challenge: If you care about learning and education or you’re an educational professional, let Suli captivate your mind. In the teachings of Confucius, “life is limited, while learning is limitless”.





“Education is what people do to you. Learning is what you do to yourself.”

-Joi Ito-





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