• A rule of thumb is a general principle developed through experiential rather than scientific means.

  • A principle that comes from the wisdom of experience, usually but not always valid.

  • A rough, practical method of procedure.

1. In fashion, the rule of thumb is that you don’t wear white after Labor Day.


2. A good rule of thumb is not to purchase a car you can’t pay back within three years.


3. On dates, the rule of thumb is that the man should pay for dinner on the first date.


4. Here’s a rule of thumb when you’re buying a home, you should put 50% of your income towards housing and bills.

criterion, hit and miss, pragmatism, rules, tips, trial and error, unwritten rule

You can say that again

You can say that again is said when something is true; correct. Something that you say to show you completely agree with something that someone has just said. To express emphatic agreement. 1. A: What a beautiful day with all the flowers in bloom B: You can say that...

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