• Say when is said when helping someone to food/drink, indicating when they have enough.
  • Telling your server that their offer is enough, especially for food and drinks.
  • Said when you tell someone when to stop pouring a drink or adding something to food.

1. Would you like some fresh ground pepper on your pasta? Just say when.


2. A: Is it possible to add more whip cream to my hot chocolate?

B: Sure! Just say when.


3. A: Danny, I’m not sure how much red pepper flakes to add before it gets too spicy.

B: Of course, I’ll say when.


4. A:Could you massage my shoulders a bit more?

B: Of course! Just say when.

acknowledge, answer back, claim, enunciate, express, feedback, react,remark, reply, respond, say, speak, state, talk, utter, verbalize, vocalize, voice

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