• To be a sell out means to betray that person by revealing personal information to others in order to receive something.
  • To compromise one’s integrity, morality, authenticity, or principles in exchange for personal gain.
  • Someone who does something that does not agree with that person’s beliefs or values especially in order to make money.
  • To betray someone.

1. Of all people, I never thought you would sell me out like that.


2. I wasn’t even involved and they sold me out to the cops!


3. You know, Lizzy would sell you out the moment she was given the opportunity.


4. Some say, you have to be a sell out to be successful.

beguile, betray, be unfaithful, break faith, break promise, break trust, bunk, cross, deceive, delude, disappoint, disloyal, double-cross, fail, give away, let down, mislead, play false, rat, rat on, sell down the river, sell one’s soul, stab in the back

Try this expression!

Sell like hotcakes

  • To sell like hotcakes means to be sold very fast.
  • To sell quickly and in large numbers.
  • To be bought in mass quantities so much that it is hard to keep up with the demand.

1. The new virtual reality game is selling like hotcakes.


2. I never thought that my book would sell like hotcakes. It has been an amazing experience.


3. Luxury goods used to sell like hotcakes but with the decline of the economy the sales have dropped.


4. Since the UK band released its single, their album has been selling like hotcakes.

appreciated, cool, costly, expensive, favored, hot, hot property, important, in demand, invaluable, latest, of value, popular, prized, profitable, recent, sought-after,trendy, valued, worthwhile, worthy

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