• If someone tells you to take a hike, it’s a rude way of telling someone to leave; to beat it.

  • To go away; get out of here; be gone forever.

  • To leave because one’s presence is unwanted.

1. A: Hey pretty lady, can I have your number?

B: Go take a hike!


2. The construction worker was giving me inappropriate comments so I told him to take a hike.


3. I’m sick of Kevin giving me a hard time at school so I told him to take a hike!


4. I told you once and I’ll tell you again, take a hike!

beat it, begone, buzz off, clear out, exit, disappear, escape, flee, get lost, go, go away, hit the road, leave, move, run along, say goodbye, scram, shove off, split, take off, vamoose, vanish

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