TED, or “Technology, Entertainment, Design”, is a conference series where speakers present brief and polished speeches about math, science, medicine, architecture, economics, geography, education, literature, law, history, technology and politics. TED is important to many as it aims to be a vehicle for learning but above all, helps people on a personal level.

TED talks Education series’ are full of insight, bright ideas, and creativity. They help us answer questions on how we can create an education system that accommodates the needs of children. In 2006, Sir Ken Robinson makes a compelling speech about the gift of the human imagination. His talk is light and entertaining but it has a deep message about what needs to change about education and how we should nurture the minds of our young children.

I challenge you to take 18 minutes of your day and tune in to the words of Sir Ken Robinson. It may just change your perspective about how you were educated and what needs to change for the future.


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