• The American dream is the idealistic notion that Americans are preoccupied with obtaining certain materialistic goals.
  • A widespread determination by Americans to provide their children with a better upbringing than their parents were able to provide for them.
  • A philosophy that hard work, courage and determination, anyone can prosper and achieve success.

1. We’ve always chased the American dream: a white picket fence, kids playing in the front yard, owning nice cars and a puppy.


2. My parents worked harder than anyone I know to provide their children with the American dream.


3. When I speak to friends overseas, they imagine and hope for the American dream.


4. A: What do you think about the American dream?

B: I think at one point, it gave many people hope and drive. But nowadays, I think the idea is overrated.

determination, endurance, grit, groove, grub work, hard way, labor, long haul, pace, perseverance, purpose, purposefulness, purposiveness, routine, rut, stamina, strength of mind, strength of will, sweat, task, tenacity, toil, tough grind, uphill battle, uphill work, will

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A dream come true

  • A dream come true is something that has been desired for a long time that has happened as hoped for.
  • A wish or a dream that has become a reality.
  • Something you have wanted very much for a long time that has now happened.

1. Making it to the Olympics was a dream come true for me.


2. This coffee shop is a dream come true! And the best part is the people that come in always bring a smile to brighten my day.


3. Our vacation to Italy was like a dream come true.


4. Having you as my friend and partner in life is a dream come true.

beatitude, blessedness, bliss, delight, dream vision, elation, enchantment, enjoyment, euphoria, exhilaration, exuberance, gladness, glee, good cheer, good spirits, happiness, hopefulness, joy, paradise, peace, serenity, seventh heaven

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