• To think out of the box means to think imaginatively using new ideas instead of traditional or expected ideas.
  • To think freely, not bound by old, nonfunctional, or limiting structures, rules or practices.
  • To develop ideas that are different and unusual.

1. Working at this company has really helped me to think outside the box.


2. Let’s try to think outside the box and see what we could come up with.


3. My boss is always pushing me to think outside the box.


4. I think if we identify the issue and think outside the box we can come up with a solution.

creative, imaginative, innovational, innovative, inspired, inventive, leading-edge, stimulating, visionary

You can say that again

You can say that again is said when something is true; correct. Something that you say to show you completely agree with something that someone has just said. To express emphatic agreement. 1. A: What a beautiful day with all the flowers in bloom B: You can say that...

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