• Time will tell means that you will only know the outcome after time has passed.
  • Something will become known in the course of time.
  • Sooner or later something will become known or be revealed.

1. Nuclear power will be the death of human kind one day. Time will tell.


2. Time will tell how quickly your broken arm will heal.


3. Doctors speak out about the effects of radiation from x-rays and CT scans, but only time will tell the devastating effects it has on children.


4. A: Mariah, do you think he’s the one?

B: Well, only time will tell but I believe there’s a good chance we’ll get married next year!

chronology, clock, continuance, date, day, duration, eternity, era, extent, future, generation, infinity, instance, instant, interval, lastingness, life, life span, lifetime, month, occasion, pace, past, present, season, second, shift, space, span, spell, stage, term, turn, week, while, year

Try this expression!

Tell it like it is

  • To tell it like it is means to speak frankly.
  • To speak the truth, no matter how unpleasant.
  • To describe a situation honestly, not avoiding any of the unpleasant details.

1. The politicians are our representatives and they have an obligation to tell it like it is!


2. My father has always been a straight talker, he’s not afraid to tell it like it is.


3. As long as I am chairman of this company I will tell it like it is, no more or no less.


4. School exams often don’t tell it like it is. It’s a struggle between tests and stress that causes many problems for students.

aboveboard, bluff, blunt, equal, equitable, fair, forthright, frank, free, frontal, genuine, guileless, impartial, ingenuous, just, objective, open, outspoken, plain, right up front, scrupulous, sincere, straightforward, talking turkey, truthful, unbiased, uncolored, unequivocal, unprejudiced, unpretended, up front, upright

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