• To wear the pants means to exercise controlling authority in a household.
  • To be the person in charge in a marriage or family.
  • To be the person in a relationship who makes the decisions.

1. Between my mom and dad, my mom definitely wears the pants in the relationship.


2. Hey, don’t let Jenna wear the pants in your relationship man!


3. I always thought Frederick wore the pants in their relationship but I was totally wrong!


4. Dude, start wearing the pants! Your girlfriend is controlling your life!

authority, charge, crack the whip, curb, discipline, domination, driver’s seat, force, limitation, management, manipulation, play first fiddle, restriction, ride herd, rule, rule the roost, supervision, upper hand

Try this expression!

Wear and tear

  • Wear and tear refers means the process of wearing down or breaking down something by regular use.
  • Damage and deterioration resulting from ordinary use and exposure.
  • Damage that happens to an object or a person from work or use.

1. We have such a large family that our house has endured excessive wear and tear over the years.


2. Athletes experience a lot of wear and tear from playing professional sports.


3. Danny uses specific equipment to create music which over the years has accumulated wear and tear.


4. Walking to and from school everyday meant severe wear and tear on my sneakers.

age, consumption, damage, decay, decrease, decrement, depletion, depreciation, erosion, hard wear, overuse, ravages of time, ruin, using up, wearing away, weathering

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