• If someone tells you that you’ve been had it means to have been deceived.
  • Been mistreated, cheated, or dealt with badly.
  • To be tricked or cheated by someone.

1. You paid this much for your used car?! I’m sorry to say that you’ve been had, man.


2. I can’t believe I was had! I ordered a shirt and it came with holes and rips all over the sleeves!


3. I bought these same sneakers for half the price buddy. You’ve been had!


4. This shop keeps selling me products that I’ve used once and broke apart. I’ve got to stop spending money at these places where I’ve been had.

bamboozle, be dishonest, betray, cheat, circumvent, con, defraud, delude, disappoint, double-cross, dupe, entrap, fake, falsify, fool, hoodwink, impose upon, imposter, lead on, mislead, pull fast one, swindle, take advantage of, take for, take for ride, take to cleaners, trick, victimize

How about this expression?


  • A has-been is someone who was popular and famous in the past but is now forgotten.
  • A person or thing considered to be outmoded or no longer of any significance.
  • One that is no longer famous, popular, successful, or useful.

1. Please Mya, he’s playing you because he’s a has-been and needs money.


2. A: Wow, look at all the celebrities that showed up!

B: You could say they’re celebrities but has-been is more appropriate.


3. Our mayor was once a respected politician in this city. He is now a political has-been.


4. Jake, you’re no longer the anchor for this news program. You’ve become a newscast has-been.

beat, born loser, castaway, deadbeat, defeated, disappointment, dud, failure, flop, good-for-nothing, incompetent, loser, might-have-been, nobody, no-good, underachiever, washout

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